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J-F James

The person behind the camera at J-FFoto is John-Frank James.

A word from ex-patriot Canadian, now Australian photographer:

Welcome to my mind's eye.

I was asked to describe myself and what I do. So here goes…

In 2012, after leaving the day job, I immersed myself in photography, music and art. In this new self-employed approach to living, I offer inspired photo shoots, sell fine art prints, and offer camera tutoring to help camera owners use the machine much like I was taught.

I am also part of, Blue Arts Fly, and recently had many photographs put into the archives at the State Library of Western Australia.

Going back in time…

My parents gave me my first camera when I was 8-years-old. I am so much a photographer that sometimes, I behave like a camera; truthfully. I look deeply at objects, people, and scenes, absorbing what I can, deciding what stands out, then, click.

In school, drawings, paintings and sculptures were limited in that it was difficult to express myself through the medium. With the assistance of a tutor, I learned to master the camera. Colour, balance, shading, symmetry, and depth, these words made sense on my SLR film camera.

The main artistic influence would be Canada's Group of Seven painters and in my teens, I envied Linda McCartney's music and candid photography.

My love of life's images, combined with a sometimes unique approach, helps me capture some interesting photographs. Have a look when you can, you may find inspiration.

Please consider purchasing prints, scheduling photo shoots and camera tutoring. Contact

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