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J-F James

The man behind the camera at J-FFoto is John-Frank James.

A word from ex-patriot Canadian, now Australian photographer:

Welcome to my mind’s eye.

I received my first camera as a gift from my parents when I was 8-years-old so I really don’t know what it’s like to not be a photographer. I’m told that I took nice photographs but the words didn’t mean much to a preteen John-Frank.

I never thought I drew well and my paintings and sculptures were limited in that it was difficult to express the emotions through the medium.

With the assistance of a tutor, learning to master the camera machine allowed me to capture what I felt when I witnessed a scene, no matter how simple or complex. Colour, balance, shading, symmetry, depth; at the age of 15, these words made more sense on my SLR.

My main artistic influence is Canada’s Group of Seven painters. In my youth, I envied Linda McCartney's music and candid photography. These two influences are my grounding and I refer to them occasionally.

In mid 2012 I left my secure ‘day job’ income to dedicate time to the J-FFoto business:

  • camera tutoring to help students find their eye and use the machine much like I was taught,
  • selling fine art prints to beautify your home,
  • and inspired photo shoots.

My love of life’s appealing images helps me capture some unique photographs. I find it difficult to describe my approach to photography but hopefully, the images speak for themselves. I continue to expand my range and use interesting methods to capture visions.

J-FFoto is the chrysalis which sheltered many of my images. I’d like to share them with you. Please consider purchasing prints, scheduling photo shoots and camera tutoring. Contact

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Thank you for looking through my mind’s eye.

With love,